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War of 1812 Scenario set 3 - Andrew Jackson's war

The most common questions we are asked is whats in the box and how hard is it to learn the system. Hopefully these examples help answer that question.

As you can see from page 4 of the rulebook, the rules are short but include simple to implement customisations. The rules which are common to all scenarios are on pages 3-7 (although most of page 7 is blank)

This is the Horseshoe Bend scenario instructions on page 14 of the rules.

Note that this battle has 2 special rules that change the way the normal rules work. In this battle the 4 American Line units (but not the Militia, Lite gun or Indian unit) must advance even if not using the rule "Advance after Combat" rule from page 7.

Note also the mini map which shows the approximate historical setup to help players who just want to play without pondering which unit to put in which hex. The initial setup rule only tells a player what units they have and lets them decide where. Each of the battles has a separate map page.

So all up Andrew Jackson's War contains

The rule and scenario book 24 pages of which the first 2 are the introduction and the last 15 are the scenario pages.

The sheet of 70 ready to use pop out game counters

The one page terrain summary sheet

9 map pages (the map for some battles fit 2 on a page)

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Jul 27, 2023

Yes, I just recently got this game and am a bit confused about "morale". Is moral optional in this game or used in advanced rules? if it is used here are my questions. 1) if a unit takes a hit, does it retreat automatically, or only retreat after rolling die to see if it passes a morale check, meaning the die roll is within its combat value range? 2) or when taking a hit has the option of staying in its present hex, but rolling for a moral check?




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