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Artistes Misérables is a game where you are an aspiring 19th century (or thereabouts) artist hoping to make a mark on the world. Your goal is to paint masterworks that will not be recognized for their genius until long after you are dead, and then to die as sick, depressed and broke as possible.

In other words, a historical simulation. 


 "Your friends forcibly bathe you, burn your clothes and expose you to sunlight. Try putting your angst onto canvas now!"


 "Hah! My despair can easily overcome cleanliness and wholesome food. I shall overindulge in absinthe and then get stabbed by a jealous lover. Furthermore, you are now gainfully employed and can pay off your debts!"


 "Curse you! I swear I will find someone who will actually buy your paintings if it is the last thing I do."

   "Fool! I would kill myself before allowing that to happen!"


Yes, this is a game where you can win so hard you die from it. Or possibly die so hard you win from it. Either way, a sad life and an unsold portfolio is your path to (posthumous) glory as you make fun of the short and miserable lives of artists, some of whose work now sells for tens of millions of dollars but could hardly be given away while they were alive.


A BTRC Game Design from Greg Porter

Artistes Misérables - Painting is a miserable way to die

SKU: GP1002
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