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The Battle of the Brandywine!


The Battle of Brandywine is a low complexity game using similar rules to Fastplay Wargames popular War of 1812 boxed sets. While roughly three times the size of the individual box set battles set-up is still very quick and play can be completed in under an hour. While designed as a wonderful teaching tool for young gamers there are enough options to have a lot of replay value.


Players take turns moving their forces and attacking enemy units in order to achieve their specific objectives for the battle.  One important difference to typical wargames is that the moving player is subject to defensive fire from the opponent before attacking.

Boxed Game Includes:


  • 11x17 map
  • 55 5/8” Game Counters
  • Rulebook
  • Reference chart
  • 2 D6



Germentown Scenario

Paoli Scenario

Valley Forge Scenario


This is the Deluxe Version of the boardgame. We offer the basic version wich does not includes 3 extra scenarios that you can check out here (click me!)

Battle For Brandywine Board Game DELUXE Edition

SKU: BW9002