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Campaigns of Ozz is the strategic board wargame companion to the Wars of Ozz miniatures game.


Campaigns of Ozz recreates the battles and campaigns for the control of the post apocalyptic Land of Ozz. Players control the armies of the four main nationalities of Ozz including Munchkins, Quadlings, Winkies and Gillkins plus a wide variety of mercenary units.


While Campaigns of Ozz is designed to be played as a stand alone board wargame, it is fully compatible with the Wars of Ozz miniatures game system by John “Buck” Surdu and the Old Glory miniatures figure line including rules for switching between the two.


This is not your parents land of Ozz but rather a much darker and more dangerous land where the threat of invasion and conquest is ever present. This is reflected in the wide range of historical battles and campaigns included, which chart the blood soaked recent history of Ozz and the evolution of the armies.

Campaigns of Ozz

$75.00 Regular Price
$70.00Sale Price
  • These are images of pre-production test print samples

    When final proof prints are available at the end of March 2021 these images will be replaced with better examples showing exactly what you will find in the box


  • Short video of Bill with early test version of the components - counters and map were updated
    Longer 12 minute video of Chris Abbey from Sally4th in the UK explaining the game from a miniature gamers viewpoint