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This is the Donner Party card game, a darkly humorous yet historical take on the tragic events of 1846, in which 81 settlers got trapped by winter weather in the Sierras a few weeks short of their California goal. By the time rescue arrived in the spring, nearly half of them had died, several were murdered and quite a few were cannibalized.


And now it's a game! It is fast and meant for 3-5 players but you can do it with 2 or 6 as well. You take on the role of one of the main families, with a random selection of hirelings, and your goal is to have the healthiest group when rescue finally arrives.


However, staying healthy can involve some...questionable actions, and the player who has the most Shame from their deeds at the end of the game loses, regardless of how many points they score for their family. So you need to have the best health and the second-worst set of ethics. You don't have to be clean, you just have to not be the most dirty


A BTRC Game Design from Greg Porter

Donner Party card game

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