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If you thought blowing your friends up with ordinary bombs was fun, you’re in for a treat! Short Fuse: Bomb Voyage™ adds multiple new ways to annoy your friends, including mischievous mine cards, special bomb cards, and more. Now, more than ever, you need to keep an eye on your enemies. Have fun, and as the French would say, Bomb Voyage!

Ages 7+   |   +2 Players   


Contains: 54 cards, tuck box, rules sheet


Disclaimer: This product is meant as an expansion to the base game, Short Fuse, and is not meant to be playable as a stand-alone product. The base game is also available for purchase on AGS for those interested.


Author: Adam May (Yeti Games)

Product Name: Short Fuse: Bomb Voyage


Product Type: Card Game Expansion


Short Fuse: Bomb Voyage

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