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War of 1812 - the Early Battles is the first of three low complexity wargames covering the major battles of the war between Imperial Great Britain and the still young democracy of the United States of America.

This set contains everything needed to play the 14 battle scenarios for the period from the start of fighting in 1812 until mid 1813. The battles covered are : Beaver Dams, Brownstown, Chateauguay, Craney Island, Gaganoque, Ogdensburg, Queenston Heights, First and second River Raisin, Sacketts Harbour, Stoney Creek, Thames River, Tippecanoe and York

Each scenario set is a stand alone game. Knowledge or components from the other games in the series are not required.



Designed by Bill Molyneaux and Peter Schutze


War of 1812 - Early Battles PDF

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